Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm Mr. Bilbo Baggins, I've lost my dwarves, my wizard and my way

Well, I'm not Mr. Bilbo Baggins, but I definitely lost my way to my blog for a while!

You see, I have so many passwords to so many places that I keep them in a little notebook so I won't lose them, so of course I lost my little notebook!  I finally found it in an old purse tonight, so here I am again.  (Why is it that I find so many things in old purses?  I really must learn to look there first.)

I had additionally lost my passwords to various email accounts including the one attached to this blog, so to those who have tried to reach me, I'm so very sorry.  I was not neglecting you! I've taken a gander at your blog when I could, but of course couldn't log in and couldn't comment....making my head spin!

So much has happened since my last entry I don't know where to start so I'll just sum it up.

On the job front, I was eventually offered a position as a medical assistant at an urgent care center with a holistic edge to it.  It is a brand new practice and the building was still under construction.  First I was to start at the beginning of February.  Then March...then construction delayed until April. You get the picture.

While I was waiting, my dear hubby had the idea that I might want to get my real estate license so I could help him out at the office and maybe I could earn a few extra bucks selling a house or two a year.  Well, long story short, I took the courses, passed my license exam, joined the Realtor board, and started working out of the same office as my husband.  I ended up calling the urgent care center and telling them I had to move on as I couldn't wait months and months for employment.

I LOVE REAL ESTATE!!!!  My husband has a large office and now we share it. :)  I'm doing well at it,  have some great clients and and truly happy. I love being partners in yet another way with my hubby and being together all day.   It's a tough field and I do miss the benefit of a scheduled paycheck, but being unemployed provided me with NO paycheck, so this is so much better.

While I would love to make more money, in all honesty I can say that I'd rather be tight financially and be happy than miserable with money.  Because you all know what money can't buy......

I've got to scoot and visit my blogger friends!  I can finally comment!

It's good to be back. :)