Tuesday, May 13, 2014

EUREKA! Lost Blog Found!

I can't believe it!

While cleaning out an old drawer (okay, the drawer wasn't old; rather it was a drawer filled with old junk), I discovered a small notebook with the password to this blog.  :)

I am deleting the replacement blog I started and am returning to this one so that I can still retain my old posts.

Posts will be made judiciously for a bit as I've had a bit of eye strain from staring at a computer screen all day long.  If I'm not on a computer, I'm on a tablet, iPhone, etc.  The old eyes are rebelling so I have the brightness on all my devices turned down and look at them as little as possible.  Though as it's required for my work.

But here I am, back again.
Bad pennies and all that!

1 comment:

  1. Not bad pennies but a rolling stone gathering no moss. Glad you found it!! Sometimes the light in the monitor bothers me too, but only if I have a headache, I think. Hoping and hoping for the real estate market to pick up. We want to relist our house, probably early July. Hoping it will sell this time around. All new appliances and paint should help a bit...