Friday, May 23, 2014

Potential Job Change

Not exactly a pithy title for today's entry, but definitely to the point.

For some reason I'm just not getting much action in my current business this year (even though hubby is doing just fine, although a little slower than last year), and I NEED to make a better income.

I've been putting all kinds of feelers out, and have an interview next Wednesday for an MA position.  IF they offer me a position and IF I accepted it, it would be full time with medical, optical, dental, 401K  (which I don't care much about at my age), paid holidays, sick days and paid vacation - VERY rare in medical offices.   I have very ambivalent feelings about this one.  I'd love the money and benefits, and must admit that we need them, but the idea of 40+ hours on my feet, running around like mad, the stress, etc., exhausts me before I even begin.  Of course, if I stick with it long enough it will stop being as stressful since I would learn their routine and stop being so darned nervous and insecure about myself.

The cart is before the horse here though, because I haven't even had the interview, let alone received an offer.  I just have this feeling. . .

Because I've been letting my hair grow out (as in growing out the indigo so I have dark brown hair with white roots - yuck!), I decided to stop by Sally's Beauty Supply today and pick up a temporary color to try to blend the roots a bit so it's not so severe looking and will look a bit more professional for interviewing.  While there I noticed that they had a help wanted sign, so long story short, I have a Sally's application in a folder in my car to fill out and drop off this weekend.   You see, I've decided to apply lots of different places and see what offers (if any) come in.

I'm going to take what feels right to me at the time.  I'm not limiting my options.

In the meantime, I'm definitely keeping my real estate license and my finger in that as I will likely always at least assist my husband in it in some manner.  Also, we feel we will probably never be able to fully retire and have discussed selling real estate together part time into our 70s.  Many people we know that age are quite active in the field, and it's something we think we would enjoy doing together.

So, if I end up taking an MA job, it's my HOPE that if real estate doesn't pick up for me that I could continue working as an MA for about another 6 years, then retire and go back into real estate part time. Of course, Social Security needs to still be around then, and who knows what will happen with that.

This post is really quite pointless, LOL.  Here I am making all kinds of plans when I haven't even gone on a single interview.  That's me!  Always worrying ahead!


  1. That is me too. I would guess I would be a lot healthier if I didn't worry so much! I hope that whatever job you REALLY want is the one that comes through for you. Every time I get into a job or lose a job, I think about the type of job that requires little thinking, rote work, no real learning curve, and a decent pay check. It must go against my grain though because I never land in those types of jobs. I'd probably go starkers if I did!

  2. You and I sound so much alike! :)

    I'm trying not to worry overmuch, but it takes a real effort on my part. My husband is so laid back about everything and is always so self confident and outgoing. I wish I could be that way, but I suppose opposites attract and all that.