Friday, August 31, 2012

The die is cast

In the nick of time I've cancelled my enrollment in nursing school, returned my books and supplies and owe them nothing.

Whew!  I feel so much relief and peace with this decision.

Yes, there is a touch of sadness as well; a dream not realized, but I recognize that paying $34,000, sacrificing my personal life for a year in an accelerated program, only to come out at the end without a properly accredited education would make me even sadder in the long run.

Next step?  Who knows.

Happily, my employer has welcomed me back to work with open arms, I interviewed for a medical assistant position this week (not particularly hopeful that I'll be offered the position and not too sure I want it as I wasn't too impressed with either the doctor or the facility), and I am investigating other education options.  This time I'll make absolutely sure I do all my homework before signing on the dotted line.  I think I just got carried away with my dreams of being a nurse that I had my head in the clouds instead of keeping my feet on the ground and researching the school thoroughly.  Lesson learned (who said old dogs can't learn new tricks?! ;)

The holiday weekend stretches before us with an exciting start under a blue moon tonight.  We've been stepping outside to view it all evening.  Such a beautiful, warm night with the crickets chirping (do they chirp?), the frogs croaking in the wetlands behind our property, and various little critters scurrying about.  It was hot today (95F), but the weather promises to cool into the 80s for the remainder of the weekend which will be just right.

My sweetie asked me for a date tomorrow night!  We're going out to dinner but haven't decided where yet.  He was given a gift card that is good at about a half dozen local restaurants as a thank you from his boss for giving an informational presentation to his fellow employees this week.  Being able to go out is a rare treat for us in this economy, so we're going to make a night of it.  Maybe go for a romantic walk through the village.  Maybe even a little smooching in the car.  Never too old for a little flirting with each other.

Hopefully this weekend I'll have time to post a few pictures of some of the wooden bracelets I've been painting.  I've decided I want to start on a different project this weekend too, so lots of plans for the holiday!

Happy Labor day all!


  1. I can so understand the peace that comes from such a decision. I've done the same with school and not too long ago. Unfortunately, it didn't happen quick enough so I still ended up owing about $7,000, but the relief was there. I also gave up on the harp. Another sigh of relief. I am just too intense of a person, too much of a perfectionist and it was bringing me fretting rather than joy.

    So glad that you and your husband know how to keep the romance alive. I'm even less of a romantic than Michael is so it is not something that happens around here, ever.

    You are a wise one Ms. Cate Crackernuts.

  2. Sorry to hear you got stuck with $7K of debt CrimsonLeaves, but I definitely understand how that can happen. I was thisclose to getting stuck too.

    Interesting that you bring up the harp. I play too, but quite badly. I just never seem to have enough time to practice and I definitely seem to lack to patience that it takes to repeat scales and fingering techniques over and over and over and over... I've been thinking of giving it up too but am just not at the point of being able to yet. I will either have to make progress soon or call it quits because I'm not happy with where I am with it, and as you say, the perfectionist in me causes me to feel dissatisfied after playing instead of happy. Perhaps I'm more in love with the idea of playing the harp than with actually playing. Hmmm. Food for thought.