Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Fashion Maven is Born!

With the current abysmal global economy, not to mention the state of my personal economy, creativity and lots of imagination are in order to keep my wardrobe looking half way decent.

This year I am getting a pair of boots and one sweater for the fall/winter/spring season (all are pretty chilly or cold here).  Typically I would get a couple of new sweaters, maybe a pair or two of pants, fashion boots, etc.  Not this year!

Much of what I have in my closet is many years old or well worn, but I've spent the better part of the past two days looking things over and coming up with solutions to wardrobe problems.

My plan is a bit ambitious I must admit, but if I work on one item per week I should get things in order fairly quickly:

  • Red Cardigan:  Has an oily stain on the front that I can't get out.  It's colorless, but the sweater always looks wet in that spot. I was going to toss it in the Salvation Army bin, but then I saw a very cute idea on Pinterest that I've decided to try.  I'm going to find a doily, hopefully something in Battenburg lace, and shape them a bit, then sew them onto the sweater as pockets.  Sounds weird maybe, but I've seen it done and it's quite pretty looking.
  • Grey Cardigan:  I love this sweater because it's super comfy, extra warm and wraps around with a tie belt.  It's a bit on the longer side, meaning it covers the caboose nicely.  The problem is, bleach was spilled on it a few years ago so I've just worn it while coloring my hair, etc.  It's a really great sweater and I hate to toss it because it truly does look awful.  I've decided to dye it black!  It will go with just about everything (and I do wear a lot of black), and it will feel like I have a new sweater.
  • Loooong Purple Cardigan/Ratty Old Purple Blazer:  The cardigan is one that I wear around the house all the time.  It's a great heather purple color, buttons up the front, has a tie belt, pockets and comes down almost to my knees (well, okay, more like mini skirt length).  It's gotten quite a bit of pilling on it, but I am going to shave the pilling off.  It looks in good shape otherwise except the elbows are almost see-through. This is where the ratty old purple blazer comes in.  I'm going to cut elbow patches from the blazer (which just happens to be the right shade for the cardigan - I couldn't find any fabric the right color at JoAnn's).  I'm not sure what shape I'll cut yet.  I think maybe hearts.  Cardigan saved!
  • As I mentioned, I wear a lot of black and I noticed that some of my black winter clothing is no longer truly black.  They are fading, etc.  Well, I figure while I'm dying the grey cardigan I might as well dye some of the nicer pieces of black clothing that are fading.
  • Purple Dress:  I have a gauzy purple dress that I wore to my son's high school graduation.  Yeah, from the 1990s (LOL!).  I have been sentimental about the dress, but it's pretty ratty, especially the bodice.  I took a good look at it today and since it was a tea length dress with the waist band under the bust, I think I should be able to simply cut the bodice off, fashion an elastic waistband and have a comfy lavender skirt ready for when the nice weather returns.  I'm thinking of doing something decorative around the hem.  Perhaps some embroidery, but maybe something with bleach painting.  Have to put my thinking cap on with that one.
  • Then there are the its and bits of various articles of clothing that need new buttons to jazz them up a bit, etc.  And some shoes that I'm tempted to take up a couple of notches by painting some kind of design on them.  
  • And for the old jeans that are getting a bit tattered, well it seems that distressed (ripped) jeans are "in" again, so I thought I'd create a distressed area or two, patch the hole from the inside with a bit of lace and wear the jeans with a white blouse or sweater.   
You know, while I'd love to be able to go shopping for some new clothes this year, I'm actually finding myself rather excited at the idea of getting creative and personalizing some of my old clothes and breathing new life and new style into them.  I'm sure there will be some misses, but I'm hoping for a few hits as well.

I'm even going to have to ask my mom to teach me how to darn socks!  I remember seeing her darn my father's socks when I was a girl, but she never passed the knowledge on to me.  It's become a lost art I'm afraid, but I'd rather darn my socks right now than have to throw them out and spend the money on new ones.

Off to bed with me in my pajamas with the bottoms that fall down if I don't hold them up. I think I need to add putting new elastic in their waistband to me list. :)

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  1. I'm excited just listening to your plans! I would bet there are blogs out there somewhere where people talk about ways to upcycle their old clothes too! Even look around on etsy and see if you get any ideas (I've seen some different things there).

    Other ways to add to your wardrobe cheaply is to go to thrift stores or retail shops. I cannot believe how many pieces of good clothes you can find there for really really cheap. I've come out of those stores with at least 4 to 7 outfits for less than $40. Many times you can find things that even still have tags on them.

    Also, I know what you mean about the blank canvas and finding other things to do. Just going to work sucks the life out of me on weekdays and I lose most of Saturday sleeping off and on all through the day because of fatigue. I'm lucky if I get on the harp for a total of 45 minutes a week. But I'm trying.

    I think the bit of depression is due to the marriage. Nothing horrendous, but enough that it is leaving me plain old tired and disheartened. As to the shorter days I confess that I love them. I love being snuggled in at home and if it weren't for work or my kids, I doubt I'd ever leave the place!