Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bits & Pieces

Another short entry today I'm afraid, and my entry will be just little updates and bits of news.

My elbow/arm is still acting up something ferocious.  Just when I think it's on the mend and I'm turning the corner I have to do something at work that aggravates it (like using a pricing gun for hours, etc.).  Ak!  Unfortunately spending much time on the computer seems to be one of the aggravating forces.

I suppose if I want to write (which I do but getting started is soooo hard!), I will need to finally learn to use the Dragon Dictate program my hubby bought me for Christmas a year or two ago.  It should be quite handy to simply be able to talk and have the text type out for me on its own, but it's not quite as simple as that since I need to take the time to train the program to recognize my voice and learn the way I pronounce words.  Gosh!  Guessing by what the program types compared to what I actually said, my voice must sound like I have a mouth full of marbles!

As far as the work situation goes, I was indeed offered the MA position I applied for but I declined the offer.  It was for too few hours and too little money.  I would have made less than I do right now because it was a 40 mile round trip and gas is so pricey these days.  I did talk to the office manager of a doctor's office that I worked for last year and she indicated that they may have an opening very soon and that they would love to have me back.  They paid well and I liked my co-workers, so I am hopeful that this one will pan out.  It would be nice to have a full time income at a decent wage again.

I'm quite excited because I sold my first item on Etsy this week!  The Lord of the Rings bracelet sold (actually I'm awaiting payment to clear before I ship), so I'm pretty encouraged.  I think I will make more things along the same theme, perhaps focusing on The Hobbit since the movie will be coming out soon, Christmas is coming up, so hopefully there will be some Hobbit fans searching for a reasonably priced gift.

Well, I'd better scoot.  This much typing is causing my elbow and forearm to throb.   Time to immobilize it again and apply an ice pack.

Bah!  This getting old stuff is for the birds, but as my dad says, "Getting old sure beats the alternative kid!".



  1. Oh boy! I am praying that the doctor's office position comes through for you, Ms. Cate. Full time with decent wages is so hard to find these days.

  2. Thank you so much for the prayers, CrimsonLeaves. They are always so welcome! I sure is hard to find good full time work these days. The job I'm hoping for is rather demanding, but we really do need the paycheck.