Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Gripe Session

I'm still plugging along with one handed typing for now.

I made good progress over the weekend by resting the arm completely, but yesterday at work my boss made me work on bulk foods (not normally a task I would be assigned), and despite my protests because of my arm, she still insisted.  She had me doing it ALL DAY!  It was not until the end of my 10 hour shift when I literally cried out in pain (it slipped out before I could stop it) that she took me seriously and told me to stop--and sweep the floors!  By the time I got home I was almost in tears from the pain.  My hubby actually begged me to take pain pills during the night because I was apparently moaning in pain while I slept and kept waking him.

Needless to say I then had to call off work this morning since I woke up with a numb hand again and in pain.  I have my hand in a brace today and my arm in a sling to try to keep it immobilized. I must say that it really does help!

My boss called me later this morning and chewed me out for taking the day off.     She said that she realizes I have a legitimate reason but that my kind of injury takes a long time to heal and she "just can't have that".  Then she threatened to cut my hours by at least one day per week as a punishment for calling in today.  I think she then realized how illegal her threats were as she then changed her tone to one that dripped honey as she started suggesting a bunch of natural remedies.

What amazes me is that this woman really thinks I would push it and work lifting heavy items with an injury that causes nerve compression when inflamed, especially when my regular position does not call for that.  My job is to keep track of stock, expirations, sign making, create displays and fill in on register.  For the past 2 weeks - since my arm flared - she's been pulling me off my regular work to do harder more physical work.

Does she think I am really so foolish as to risk permanent nerve damage to earn a mere 75 cents over minimum wage?  I can't imagine intentionally running the risk of losing the ability to paint, play music, write, type, perform medical or clerical functions with any skill for mere crumbs from her table.

Meanwhile, I sent out 9 MA resumes today.  None of the positions seemed like the perfect fit, but it's really impossible to tell simply by a want ad. (I say things like this when I feel insecure and am afraid none of the potential employers will call me,  you see.)

I wish the other MA job had worked out, but the salary vs. the gasoline cost just didn't balance out.  I did speak with a doctor I used to work for in the past and he has a new MA but isn't sure she's going to work out.  He's going to call me for the first opening he gets.  He has a pretty high turn over rate (it's hard to work with terminal patients), so I honestly expect a call from him before the new year.

Well, I'm definitely a bit of a crabby old putz today!  I guess it just floors me that my current employer wants quite a bit from me while offering very little in return.

Crabby old goat signing out.  ;-)


  1. People really aren't always too smart these days. Either that or I'm a crabby old goat too! I have deep fears that I will be on the hunt for a new job soon myself. Unfortunately out so far from the city (of Chicago) means that there are not as many jobs out this way and the ones that there are do not pay well. I figure I'll know more by the end of the month and I will try very hard not to cut off my nose to spite my face and quit before having something else lined up.

    At any rate, I do so hope and pray that one of these other jobs pan out. As you say, it is hard to tell from a small ad, so I'm going to send up positive smoke signals!

    I really hate that you are suffering so; is it carpal tunnel? Is there any chance for surgical repair?

  2. Thanks for the good thoughts CrimsonLeaves. :0)

    Actually, I think the problem is cubital tunnel syndrome, similar to carpal tunnel but the nerve compression is at the elbow. I could get surgical repair but I'd rather avoid that if at all possible. This is a rather new problem for me and began with a sports injury to that elbow, so my hope is that if I can take it easy on the join that the inflammation will go down, the compression will ease and it will heal on its own. So far no numbness today, so I'm taking that as a great sign that wearing the brace and immobilizing it is helping it to heal.

    I know what you mean about finding a job outside of the city. I'm about 40-50 miles outside of Detroit, but then, Detroit is loaded with jobs anyway. These are definitely difficult economic days, aren't they?