Thursday, November 8, 2012

I wish I had a more positive entry

Tomorrow I go to turn in my keys from the wacko practice I just quit working for.  They "think" my paycheck is being automatically deposited as they have no check for me.  All I can say is there better be a check in my account tomorrow morning or we're going to have a very, very tight time of it.  It will be tight even with the check, but it will help.

Weird feedback on 2 jobs that seemed promising, the chiropractic/wellness practice and the electronics company admin job.

I had yet another interview at the wellness center this week.  This was the oddest interview I ever had.  The questions were along the lines of a Barbara Walters interview, "If you could be any type of tree, what kind would you be?".  Actually, they asked me what kind of animal I would be and why.  Then what kind of animal I would NOT want to be.  I have no idea what this kind of nonsense has to do my clinical abilities or my treatment of patients.

At both interviews, both with the electronics company and the wellness center, they actually had the audacity to bring up my age!  I was flabbergasted, as it is illegal to discriminate due to age.

At the wellness center I was quizzed at length as to how I would handle it if my supervisor turned out to be younger than me.  Really?  Who cares!  As long as they know their stuff I could not care less how old they are.  I was told repeatedly that I was "considerably older" than the other staff members.  OK.  You are worried that I'm too old for your practice and won't fit in with all the younger people (including you).  I get it.

At the electronics company I was asked point blank how old I am!  How illegal is that?!  I was told I was obviously the oldest applicant (ok, way to make me feel old and suck away my confidence), and was asked when I planned on retiring.  I told them the truth -- that I doubted if I'd ever be able to retire.

I feel disillusioned and discouraged as I was obviously the victim of agism at both places.  Part of me still holds out some hope that one of the two places will make me an offer, but then my insecure self steps up and reminds me of all the comments about my age and I feel rather hopeless.

What a "Debby Downer" I am today!

In the meantime it looks like I'll be cleaning houses 3 days a week in order to keep some money coming in.  My old boss at the hippy store hooked me up with her best friend who runs a cleaning service.  I guess she's overwhelmed right now and desperately needs the help.  I'll clean for her Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week, then Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday the following week.

I'm thankful to at least have something to keep money coming in, but it would be disingenuous of me if I didn't admit that a big part of me is disappointed that is where I've landed.  I mean, I ran my own cleaning service about 10 years ago.  It is definitely discouraging to think that I've gone through years of school, spent lots of money, time and tears getting through the studies, clinicals and then the cruddy "starter" medical jobs, just to end up scrubbing toilets again, only this time for someone else.  Makes me think I should have just kept my own cleaning business.

Meh.  I know I'll end up with a decent job eventually, I just have to keep looking.  And I need to admit to myself that I'm no cute young thing anymore.  I'm old and I apparently look it.

I need to stop writing as I'm just discouraging myself further.  Surely I'll feel better about it after a good night's sleep preceded by reading in bed, snuggled with one of the dogs with my hubby snoring beside me, and a nice mug of tusi tea.

I promise my next entry will actually be about something. LOL!

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  1. Oh boy. I was so hoping that one of those places would call you too. After I graduated from PLU, I was 38, just about 39. I went through this big long interview with the IRS at a lovely restaurant. Everything was going great until the very end when he asked me my age. Turns out federal offices cannot hire you past the age of 35. Why? I'm told it was because you have to put in 20 years minimum with mandatory retirement at age 55. Not enough time for me to put in 20 years. Another place I interviewed was with Coopers Lybrandt in Seattle, at the time, one of the big 5 accounting firms. I was told there that at my age I should be a partner, not just starting out.

    Now? I am a customer service rep. I use my accounting degree (a bachelors no less) so very little in my job. The other lady I work with is $10k more than me. She has no college and only makes more because she was with the old company for 10 years whereas I was there less than a year. Everybody is "sweetie, honey..." which is totally unprofessional.

    The upside is that I have a job and do not have to commute to downtown for it.

    Hey my friend...any chance you qualify for a school nurse position? I would think you do...Wonder if that might be an option? Just thinking aloud. Also, what about cleaning houses after new construction? I don't know about you but I've seen the levels of filth people can get to and that just grosses me out. At least with the other it is sawdust, paint, dust...

    And hate to throw this out there with your pinched nerve, but what about places like Walmart, Menards, Home Depot, Lowes? I know that HD pays cashiers pretty decently, or at least they used to when I worked there. Also, they offer training in various departments that I found interesting. I was really interested in millwork when I worked there.

    I also have another idea for your Etsy store for you, but I have to think on it some more. It would involve a collaboration but I need to read some more on it first. It might not be practical.

    And last but not least? Have you thought about applying at veterinary offices or hospitals? I'd bet the vet would love an assistant such as yourself?

    At any rate, I am glad you have something coming in for the present. Hopefully it really will help enough that you can get by until something opens up out there. Jobs are not plentiful in my area either.

    Oh yes...check out for jobs too. Since so many use websites these days to look for jobs, don't give up on local newspapers either.

    I hope some of this was thought provoking and helpful. I guess I have a "fix it" mentality for everyone but myself. For me? I wallow. Sigh...(yes, its true).