Thursday, November 29, 2012


I feel so discouraged today.

I have not heard a word from the electronics company.  They had promised to call me Wednesday or Thursday of this week.  Well, it's later in the afternoon on Thursday and still no word.  I feel that they are stringing me along and that they will make me an offer if they can't find someone better.

I've decided that I'm done taking the initiative in following through with this company.  I've done all I can do while still maintaining a shred of dignity.  My interview with them was on HALLOWEEN!  If they wanted me they would have hired me by now.  It's time for me to face facts and stop letting them blow smoke up my you-know-what.

Tomorrow I will start running position wanted ads on Craigslist.  I don't see any other option.   I don't even know if it will result in any actual interest (other than from weirdos), but I think it is worth a try in case it would get me in contact with even one decent employer.

Not a good day today.


  1. Oh no...I am so sorry to hear that, Cate. How I wish I could help. I'm not sure how far you are away from any of the government or state offices. Here in IL you have to test for state positions but I doubt that would be a problem for you. Check out your state, county, and city websites for any open positions. It is the last thing I can think of...

    You know God has His plans and while it is hard to always understand the whys, you know He is teaching and holding you every step of the way.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouragement! <3

    My hubby wanted me to call the electronics company today and follow up, so I did figuring I had nothing to lose. I called and was told that the owner and his wife are out of town and will be until next Wednesday. :(

    I started running an ad on Craigslist today. It will be interesting to see what responses I might get.