Thursday, November 1, 2012

My New Job: Interviewing

I never thought this blog would take such a work-oriented rabbit trail, but I suppose it's the path I'm on for the moment.

Going back to work for an ex-employer has imploded.  I should have known better.  There was a reason I left in the first place, and I should never have simply taking their word for it that "things are SOOO much better now"!

Long story short:  I was offered X amount of hours in exchange for X amount of dollars, doing X work.  Turns out I'm not doing any medical assisting, I'm nothing but a glorified receptionist ("glorified" because I wear scrubs) *rolls eyes*.  The medical assistant, who does not have the credentials and knowledge I do (not being arrogant, just truthful), has been made my immediate supervisor.  It turns out that I am expected to stay until all the work is done (including the MA's work - I'm supposed to pick up her slack).

Now, I already am working 8-9 hours straight with NO lunch break of any kind.  Not even 15 minutes.  That lasted for 2 days.  Then I was informed that when I'm done with my 8-9 hours in the front office, I'm to go back to the MA and ask her what she needs done and stay an additional couple of hours making calls for her, refilling prescriptions for her, etc.  Hmmmm....I used to have HER job.  Nobody helped me do those things.  And I have learned that she does not take all vitals for the patients!  She's copying the data from past visits in the name of speed.  (Yes, I am informing the doctor of this.)  And this gem is my boss!

Yesterday she told me that I have to stay after my 8-9 hours until the work is done.  That this is the job description (which I was never told before hired!).  I replied that I would not be doing that.  It was made clear that I HAD to or I should look for another job.  I told her I would look for another job.

Of course they want me to continue working until they find someone else, but WHY?  I've worked a total of 6 days!  Why would I continue to be trained for a position I already know I will not be accepting?  I think they believe I'll just fall into it and never get around to looking for another job and will end up staying (and working the long hours) by default.  No. Going. To. Happen.  The last time I worked there I used to come in at 7:30 like I do now, and stay until 9PM.  No.  Not again!  I started having chest pains, panic attacks, etc., the last time due to the hours and stress.  I already started with that this week.  I was fine from the day I quit last year until the week I returned.

Conclusion:  This job is completely unhealthy for me in many ways and the staff, especially the office manager, are not grounded in reality.

On the up side, I had 2 job interviews today!  One with a chiropractor that went VERY well.  The doctor told me that I should expect her to call me for a second interview with her partner soon.  While driving on the way home from the interview, I received a cell phone call from the partner.  I pulled over and we conducted the second interview over the phone right then!  It went extremely well and I feel 100% confident that they will offer me a position within the next week or two (the time frame they said that they would be making offers).  They have several MA positions open, so I feel confident that I will receive an offer.

The second interview was with an electronics firm.  Had a great interview with the owner and his wife. We got along famously, they loved my experience and resume, and my age was actually in my favor!  They are looking for an "older" woman.  LOL!  It was the first time I was asked in an interview if I planned on retiring soon.  I don't know whether to laugh or cry over that one.  What the heck.  Laughing is healthier.....LOL!  :-)   With this job I feel 90% confident that I will be made an offer.

BOTH jobs offer FULL benefits:  401K, 100% employer paid health insurance, PTO, paid vacations and holidays.

It's time I started valuing myself more.  I am coming to the conclusion that I've had crappy jobs and been treated poorly on the job because I had a "victim" air about me.  I never spoke up for myself.  Well, I do now. The invisible "kick me" sign is off my back, and I'm going after decent jobs now.  Why would I expect employers to treat me with dignity and respect and value me if my own body language and if the things I tolerate show that I don't have any respect for myself or see my own value.

Getting philosophical in my old age.

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  1. Oh I did have a good feeling about the chiropractor's office! I so hope that one comes through first! Yay for you! Yep, I think I'd walk away from that job poste haste! Vite, vite! as my French teacher used to say.

    Let me just say that I am not completely happy in my job either. Unfortunately, there just isn't much out this way. A job is a job. Everyday I expect to be told that I'm fired. Why? I do a good job, better than the other person. Just a sense that I get though and it is mighty uncomfortable.

    I'm fast coming to the conclusion that I must think super differently than the rest of the world and my way of thinking, my expectations (as regards courtesy and respect) are way higher than the norm. I just feel flat out wrong all of the time. Yes, it is 2:45 a.m. and I've been up since 1. Just cannot sleep.