Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Sort-Of Job Offer

The other day I noticed that a doctor I used to work for had a want ad in the paper for a medical assistant.

Now, the job was definitely flawed.  The two clerical workers up front were grumpy ladies, over 60, who hate their jobs but are just putting in their time until retirement.  Long hours, doctor a little nutty.  But I loved the patients, I loved the medical end of it and felt very confident about what I was doing clinically.  And the pay was great.

Sooo....since employers are not exactly beating down the doors to hire me, I contacted the doctor and told her I saw the ad and suggested myself for the position.  Today she took me to lunch and we discussed it.  We decided that I would come back and that I'd start this Saturday.

There was an office meeting today and she suggested I attend.  It was scheduled for late afternoon/early evening, so I went home after lunch, planning on being at the office at 4:30.  At 4:10 the doctor texted me, telling me NOT to come, that the two clerical workers were rebelling against the idea of me returning to the office and "didn't want to see my face".


I'm still scheduled to start work on Saturday, but I'm having many mixed feelings.

We desperately need the money.  We need it very, very badly.  If I could manage to stay there for at least a year it would really help out my resume.  And the money is desperately needed.  Oh, and did I mention how very badly we need the money?

But on the other hand, I dread the idea of once again being in an abusive work environment.

Doesn't everyone deserve more than that?  All I want is to be able to go to work and be treated like a professional.  I don't want to be screamed at because some coworker is having a bad day.  I don't want to be hit (slugged in the arm and shoulder) all day because someone is "a touchy-feely kind of person and just can't help it".

The hours are kinda rough; alternating back and forth between a 5 day and 6 day week every other week.  8-10 hours a day.

But the pay is high, and did I mention that we really need the money?

Not sure exactly what to do.  I've got a text into the doctor to find out if she thinks the situation with the other women will ever be rectified.  I suppose whether I go back to work there will depend upon her answer.

And on top of it all, I have an overwhelming feeling of anxiety.  I wish I could stay home and be a housewife.  I don't do stress very well anymore.  I think I need to live a gentler existence to feel my healthiest possible.

Too many decisions to make.  I'm not sure I want to/should jump back into that job again.  Except for the darn money!

To be continued...


  1. Egads! I'd be at a loss to know what to do also. I can feel your anxiety myself! Prayer, a good long talk with your husband...I hope you come to an answer that lets you rest much easier. Do remember that the last time you went back to a previous employer, you quickly realized why they were previous. Just a thought!

    1. And a very good thought, CrimsonLeaves!

      I woke up this morning with a screaming migraine. Last night I had trouble falling asleep due to a high level of anxiety. Things seem a bit clearer this morning.

      The doctor told me point blank that she won't stop hitting me. That by itself should be enough. KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF!!! How is it EVER okay to put your hands on an employee, even if your excuse is that you are "touchy-feely".

      I have yet to hear back from the doctor. I sent her the text at 4:15 yesterday afternoon and it's now 9:54 am. I think she has had ample opportunity to respond to me. This raises big alarm bells as to how my coworkers will treat me. When the doctor wasn't in the room they would berate, belittle and sometimes scream at me (even in front of patients). This was in the past. If they "don't want to see my face" and accept me back under hostile terms, I can only imagine how much more of a powder keg it will be.

      I can't see this working out unless these women decide to welcome me back and be professional in their treatment of me. I've always been respectful and professional in my treatment of them. I should expect no less in return.

      In the meantime, the electronics company called me yesterday and would like to see me Tuesday morning. They said that they are undecided between me and another candidate and need to reinterview both of us in order to make a final decision. There is some hope still alive there.

      My husband would most likely prefer that I just take the job with the old doctor and start bringing in the money (it would relieve our financial pressure), however, he did tell me that I need to make my decision based upon the doctor's response to my concerns about the attitude of the rest of the staff. He also told me to keep in mind what going back there would mean to me. He told me to be absolutely sure before I did it.

      I don't feel good about going back. Yes, I'd like to see the patients again. I'd like to feel like I'm making a financial contribution to the family and I'd like to feel that I have some self worth again, but I don't think that I will find that at this job in the end. I think that in the end it will come to a separation just like it did the last time.

      I think that God certainly has a better job in store for me than one in which I am peppered with verbal and even physical abuse every day.

      *sigh*. I just want a decent, professional job. I wish that wasn't so hard to find these days.

  2. I agree that they are hard to come by. The guys that work at my plant do nothing but complain about their job. They get mad at us when we put orders in the system, as though it is our fault customers are ordering. I just keep thinking that if they hate it so much, why don't they just quit? You are paid to work. Why complain? No company will pay you to do nothing.

    Read your latest post first so wondered what you meant about the electronics company. Now I see. I take this as a good sign, really. When Michael has been looking for a job, it has always taken a couple of months from time of interview to offer. I don't know why the hold up either but companies do have their reasons and often, vacations of the manager are one of them. I am still hopeful for that one. I think the environment would be much better.

    No jobs are really fun or perfect if your heart is elsewhere. For me I know we need the money and by and large my work environment is the best. And yet all I want to do is stay home.

    I've been on a prophylactic med for migraines for a few years now. My gastroenterologist suggested it to help me avoid aspirin (which do work for me, if I take huge amounts of them and that isn't good for my stomach and the ulcers I have). I spoke to my doc (at the time) about it and she agreed that it would be a viable option. I take 10 mg of Amitriptylene every night. I can't say it is full-proof because anxiety and stress still bring on headaches for me, but it is rare that they blow into a migraine these days at least. They also are not quite as frequent. Anyway, just a thought that might help. I know from personal experience how debilitating migraines are. I'm a puker with them and also get the auras now. Color me happy that I get so few of them these days.